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Atuomobile chassis forming hydraulic press

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Performance characteristics:This series of hydraulic presses are available in column (multi-column) and frame type. It can realize multi-machine linkage and high synchronization precision; it can also realize single-machine work and flexible process selection. The hydraulic system uses a cartridge valve synchronous valve or a proportional servo integrated system, which is sensitive and reliable. The electrical system adopts PLC control, and the buttons are operated in a centralized manner, which can realize two working modes of adjustment and single-hand circulation of both hands. It can realize two molding processes of constant pressure and fixed stroke, and has functions such as pressure holding delay and automatic return stroke. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified circumference according to the process requirements.

Applicable areas:This series of hydraulic presses are mainly used for press forming and similar process applications of various types of automotive longitudinal beams. They can also be used for pressing, forming and extruding other metal parts.

Optional accessories:· Lifting device, feeding device, hydraulic pad.

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