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Gantry frame forming hydraulic press

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Performance characteristics:The machine adopts the horizontal three-beam four-column structure, and lengthens the slider guiding length and the slider bearing device to improve the anti-offset capability and effectively ensure the parallelism between the slider and the center of the base.

The horizontal movement of the slider adopts four-column guide, the slider and the end of the piston rod are connected by a spherical flexible joint, and the bearing bottom is equipped with a load-bearing dovetail guide device, which effectively overcomes the vertical movement of the piston rod and causes vertical fatigue and wear of the cylinder seal on one side. Its height is adjustable. The working stroke control adopts the stroke switch (overcoming the working environment dust and high temperature), which improves the reliability of the stroke control and facilitates the adjustment of the stroke position.

The hydraulic system of the machine adopts an advanced cartridge valve integrated system, and the working speed is adjustable, which is convenient for users to press different sizes of products.

Applicable area:This machine is suitable for high-pressure extrusion of colored and black solid metal in different processing conditions, and is widely used in extrusion, pressing and expanding forming processes.

Optional accessories: · Light curtain safety protection device · Oil cooling device · Touch mode industrial display · Imported PLC.

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