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Gantry frame forming hydraulic press

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Performance characteristics:This series of hydraulic press adopts computer optimization design, the structure is gantry frame type, the hydraulic control adopts the cartridge valve integrated system, the action is reliable, the service life is long, the hydraulic impact is small, and the oil pump motor unit is placed on the upper, which reduces the connecting pipeline and leakage point. Independent electrical control system, PLC control, sensitive and reliable work, specific process requirements, with one-man single-cycle operation mode, working pressure, slider stroke can be selected within the specified range.

Applicable areas:This series of hydraulic press is mainly used for the press forming process of special-shaped parts, and is especially suitable for the processing of plate-pressed parts in the shipbuilding industry.

Optional accessories: · Movable indenter · Rotatable indenter · Movable table · Rotatable table · Light curtain safety device · Workpiece conveying roller device · Driving lifting device.

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