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Vehicle door hemming forming hydraulic press

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Performance characteristics:This series of hydraulic presses is computer-optimized and has a three-beam four-column or frame structure. The hydraulic system is mounted on the top, the floor space is small, and the hydraulic control adopts the integrated system of the cartridge valve. The action is reliable, the maintenance is convenient, the service life is long, and the hydraulic impact is small. Independent electrical control system, with centralized control of buttons, with two modes of operation, adjustment and single-handed cycle. Through the operation panel selection, two forming processes, fixed pressure and constant pressure, can be realized, and have the functions of pressure keeping and delay. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements. There is a mobile workbench and it is convenient to change the mold.

Applicable areas:This series of hydraulic presses is a special hydraulic press for the door of the car. It can also be applied to the stamping process of metal materials, blanking and other stamping processes and the suppression of non-metal products.

Optional accessories:·Double moving table ·Light curtain safety protection device ·Oil cooling device ·Displacement sensing device · Mold protection device ·Touch screen industrial display ·Matching device (hydraulic or mechanical) ·Floating rail for rolling mold and rolling Bracket and slider locking mechanism.

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