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Pure electric port container tractor

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Pure electric port container tractor

In order to implement a series of environmental protection concepts such as the "Blue Ribbon Battle" ("Two Bodies"), "Belt and Road", "To make Jinshanyinshan more green and green" and "Green Port (G20 Summit)", green environmental protection has become At present, the trend of economic and social development, our company developed a port pure electric container bow car practice green development path, which not only has good social benefits, but also significant economic benefits.

Economic and social benefits

  • Low operating costs, energy costs tram 40% -60% above
  • Low maintenance costs, maintenance costs Tram 40% -60% for trucks, and low failure rate
  • Low operating noise, zero emission, environmental protection, and effectively improve the port operating environment
  • Car body operation is simple, the original driver can adapt quickly, low-speed torque, smooth start, no delay, high efficiency
  • Power system structure is simple, high reliability

Pure electric port container tractorPure electric port container tractor

Pure electric port tractor main technical parameters

Project Unit Parameter Remarks
Body dimensions mm 6900×2400  
Wheelbase mm 3800  
The maximum speed km/h 40  
Vehicle quality kg 7800  
Traction quality kg 35000/60000  
Maximum grade % 36(15°)  
Life time h 2/4/8 According to user needs configuration


Power Battery Performance
Lithium iron phosphate battery Low cost, good safety performance
Three yuan lithium battery Energy density, low cost, less security
Lithium titanate battery High charging rate, highest safety, long life cycle and high cost

Pure electric port container tractorPure electric port container tractor

Charging Method Features
Contact charging Low cost, high efficiency
Non-contact charging Convenient and safe

Electric vehicle system components and design features

  • High-voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor with independent intellectual property rights, with both drive and brake functions
  • Preferred high-performance braking system, with energy recovery
  • The use of electric hydraulic booster system to achieve the power steering without engine function
  • The use of electric air conditioner compressor, to achieve the engine cooling and heating functions, extending the life of air-conditioning compressor
  • Independent development of the main control system to achieve real-time precise control of pure electric low-speed tractor under port working environment
  • Optimized design of the brake pedal to achieve real-time signal acquisition
  • Electronic accelerator pedal for instantaneous acceleration
  • Designed a gearshift system with gearshift function to ensure the driver's accurate and safe operation
  • Designed a pure electric vehicle cooling system to ensure the safe and efficient operation of low-speed tractor
  • Developed DC / DC system to achieve device-level requirements without voltage

Pure electric port container tractor

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